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Hi, I’m Walt Fritz and welcome to my Foundations Seminars pages. Here you can read about the science-based approach to treatment and therapy that the Foundations Approach utilizes. All myofascial release training seems to come with its own science that it uses for validation, but does the science make sense? Many seem more nice stories and actual fact. The “science stories” I tell at my seminars are simple ones which can be validated by those outside the myofascial release circle. I talk about the Foundations Approach Story through this website and the blog, so feel free to read up and ask questions. The 2016-2017 class schedule is constantly updated, as well as new locations added for the very popular Foundations in Myofascial Release Seminar for Neck, Voice, and Swallowing Disordersâ„¢.

If you are not comfortable with the mystical approach surrounding some schools of myofascial release, you are not alone. As I travel and teach my seminars I encounter more and more therapists who have been turned off by approaches to myofascial release that rely more on apparent mystical explanations than simple and acceptable scientific models of explanation. Mysticism may have a place, but not in the professional therapy professions. Look to the future and explore the Foundations Approach. You will also not find a multi-course tiered seminar format in the Foundations Approach. We are well school and licensed health professionals with a solid background in science and the physical arts. I feel that good continuing education should simply give you new ways to utilize your existing knowledge, as well as deepen certain aspects of it, and then turn you loose to practice and flourish. Taking additional training can be helpful, but do you really need to take so many classes? I think not. I respect your knowledge and look to provide you with the necessary tools to begin to utilize MFR from day one.

Scattered throughout this website is a wealth of information for the therapist and other interested professionals:


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Walt Fritz, PT

Walt is a physical therapist (SUNY Buffalo, 1985), who has been utilizing myofascial release in his treatment since 1992. He evolved from an old-school/traditional approach to MFR into one utilizing scientifically plausible explanations and began teaching his Foundations in Myofascial Release Seminar internationally to therapists and other health professionals. He also has expanded the MFR field into the world of voice and swallowing disorders through his Neck, Voice, and Swallowing Disorders Seminar. He operates the Pain Relief Center in Rochester, NY, where he sees patients from around the country.

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